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Triangle Pose

Triangle works every muscle, tendon, joint and internal organ in the body.

  • Number one posture for the hip joint
  • Firms thighs and hips
  • Slims waist
  • Good against obesity
  • Helps cure rheumatism and lumbago in the lower spine
  • Improves crooked spines
  • Alleviates "saddlebags"

100% effort = 100% benefit

  • Helps correct frozen shoulder
  • Changes chemical balances in the system
  • Helps eliminate menstrual disorders
  • Improve upper arm and body muscles
  • Improve menstrual problems
  • Improves function of cardiovascular system

Both shoulders come out of the body so the deltoid and scapula are stretching. The elbow should not go below the knee. The weight should be distributed evenly over the whole foot. The whole torso should be stretching out in a forty-five degree angle like a canon, in line with the straight leg, and arms should be up and down perpendicular to the floor.

  • Works 100% of the muscular system all at once
  • Good for thyroid, kidneys and adrenal glands
  • Helps reduce overproduction of cortisol, the stress hormone.

 This is the most important pose to increase the strength and flexibility of the hip joint. You must sit down all of the way to get the benefit. 

Triangle also firms upper thighs and hip, slims the waistline, and improves the deltoid, trapezius, scapula, and latissimus muscles. This posture exercises the circulatory, digestive, immune, reproductive and muscular systems all at the same time.

During the Triangle posture, the lower portion of the body becomes a solid base with upper body twisting. This creates a cardiovascular benefit with very little movement.

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" I have a cervical fusion and nerve damage between L4-L5. Having tried just about everything for pain relief, I gave Bikram a try. I was amazed that on the days I practiced my pain was significantly decreased. I would not have believed it could happen, but it has..."
~ Denise Age: 58


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"I have lost weight and gained muscle. I am a happier person. I used to feel extremely anxious and lacked energy to do the activities I used to love. Not anymore!"
~ Ila Age: 36

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