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Eagle Pose

Eagle pose improves the flexibility of the 12 major joints of the body — ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbow, and wrists.

  • Flushes out kidneys
  • Brings blood to the reproductive organs
  • Improves sexual vitality and control
  • Helps prostate problems
  • Firms legs, arms, and abdomen
  • Helps tennis elbow
  • Relieves tension in neck and shoulders
  • Increases joint mobility in the hip girdle, ankles, knees, hips, shoulder, elbow, wrist and mobility of scapula
  • Improves the function of the central nervous system, and the lymphatic system
  • Improves balance and grace of the body
  • Returns veinous  blood to the heart, preventing vericose veins

Use the mirror to understand, not to judge

Eagle pose relieves tension in the neck, shoulders and legs. This posture strengthens the lower extremities and increases mobility in the hip girdle. By creating pressure in the joints, you stimulate the synovial membrane, the oil can of the joint.

The muscles worked in this posture: sartorius, gastrocnemius, soleus, peronius longus/brevis, abductor mangus/longus. Eagle prevents varicose veins and counteracts cellulite.

Squeezing everything together, the goal is everything in one line, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles. Gain balance by leaning back. Squeeze thighs to sit deeper.

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" I have a cervical fusion and nerve damage between L4-L5. Having tried just about everything for pain relief, I gave Bikram a try. I was amazed that on the days I practiced my pain was significantly decreased. I would not have believed it could happen, but it has..."
~ Denise Age: 58


" If you think you never want to go again, go again. You will find yourself enjoying the class more and more."
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"I have lost weight and gained muscle. I am a happier person. I used to feel extremely anxious and lacked energy to do the activities I used to love. Not anymore!"
~ Ila Age: 36

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