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800 Islington Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
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Schedules, teachers and prices of classes, passes, memberships and/or products are subject to change without notice. Please always check our website for our most current offers.

Cancellation and Refunds

Classes and Class Passes Cancellation and Refund Policy
Prepaid classes and absence from classes are non-refundable.
Class Passes are non refundable, non extendable, non sharable, and non transferable to other persons. They are subject to limits of time. Always check your expiration date before and after your purchase.

Gift Cards Refund Policy
Gift Cards are not refundable and non returnable. If purchased for a specific pass, they can not be used as cash.

Membership Cancellation Policy
We require thirty days notice for cancellation of automatic billing memberships. Membership’s automatic payments are not refundable after having been processed. Memberships are non-transferable to another person. To cancel your membership, use our contact page to email the studio manager.

Workshop Cancellation and Refund Policy
Workshop cancellations required a 48 hour email notice from the date of the event. Cancellation requests with less than 48 hours notice will not be honored unless we can fill your space. All refunds will incur a 20% administration fee, or you can get a full refund credited to your MindBody account.

Workshop cancellation requests must be requested by email.

Absence to a workshop or event is non refundable.

Workshops and events could occasionally be canceled by the studio. If your event is canceled you will be notified by email, and you will receive a full refund or full credit toward your account if you choose.

Private Instruction Cancellation and Refund Policy
Full payment will be charged if you cancel a private session with less than 24 hour notice.
If you are late for a private class the class will end at the original time.

Studio Maximum Capacity Policy

Bikram Yoga Portsmouth is fortunate to have a large practice space in which classes are held. However, there is a limit to how many bodies can comfortably fit per class. Once this number of people are registered for class, we would ask that remaining students return to take a different class.

Registering online is recommended to save a spot in class, but if you register online and come to class after class has started and the class is already full, we will kindly ask that you return to a another class.

Lost Items Policy

Bikram Yoga Portsmouth will not be responsible for lost or stolen items under any circumstances. Please refrain from bringing valuables into the studio.

The studio provides a Lost and Found area in each changing for items students may leave behind. Each Friday, these items, including yoga mats, will be removed and donated.

Inclement Weather Policy

In an effort to keep everyone safe during inclement weather we will need to cancel classes from time to time.

Please always check our Facebook page during inclement weather or inclement weather advisory to find out about any cancellations of classes and events or studio closures. Join our email list to receive email updates an hour before any cancellation.


We thank you for honoring our studio policies.




Commit to 90
Overhaul Your Life
Are you ready to make a change?
Sat, Sept 9th at Noon

with Booie Young
Sat, Sept 16 @11 am
26 with a Twist to Music Register now!

Music Class
Best of 2002
Sat, Sept 30th, 4:30 pm
Monthly Music Party Class.
Register now!

Stay and help us celebrate 15 years of hot, sweaty yoga. Food, drinks, yoga pose-off to follow!


Studio is open to the public 30 minutes before and after all scheduled classes, except the early birds. Studio opens 15 minutes before 6:30 am classes.


" I have a cervical fusion and nerve damage between L4-L5. Having tried just about everything for pain relief, I gave Bikram a try. I was amazed that on the days I practiced my pain was significantly decreased. I would not have believed it could happen, but it has..."
~ Denise Age: 58


" If you think you never want to go again, go again. You will find yourself enjoying the class more and more."
~ Monica Age: 17


"I have lost weight and gained muscle. I am a happier person. I used to feel extremely anxious and lacked energy to do the activities I used to love. Not anymore!"
~ Ila Age: 36

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