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Portsmouth, NH 03801
phn: (603) 430-6222


Sara Curry, OwnerSara Curry, Owner
Sara found yoga when a lifetime of contact sports and weight lifting left her debilitated by back pain . She was hooked fifteen minutes into her first class and knew she would practice this yoga for the rest of her life. She teaches each class with her whole heart, with the drive to help others share the transformative power of this yoga that gave her back her life. Sara blends physicality and meditation toward the same goals: healing, health, and self-awareness.

500-hour Certification: May 2003



Jaylon Curry, OwnerJaylon Curry, Owner
Jaylon spent over a decade in Social Work before making the decision to start taking care of himself in order to better take care of others. His desire to benefit from the mental clarity class gives him as well as the satisfaction he gains in pushing his body to its limits, keeps him practicing daily. “I’m going to give you everything I have and you’re going to give me everything you have,” sums up Jaylon’s class in a nutshell. His boundless energy and encouragement makes the 90 minutes fly by.

500-hour Certification: November 2011



Andie Simard, Studio ManagerAndie Simard, Studio Manager
Andie won a month of unlimited yoga at her daughters’ school spaghetti supper. After just one class, she was hooked on how wonderful and peaceful the yoga made her feel. She keeps coming back because the yoga makes her mind, body and spirit feel “Awesome on a stick!” Join Andie in class for a powerful dose of positivity and inspiration.

500-hour Certification: December 2009



Terry Warburton, Senior InstructorTerry Warburton, Senior Instructor
A friend brought Terry to her “exercise class” in the early 90s. She stuck with it because it was so challenging. In the third decade of her practice, Terry gets on the mat each day because it is the medicine she needs for body and mind. With more than twenty years teaching experience, Terry is most noted for her ability to help each student get the most they can out of every class. Don’t be scared by her nickname, T-Pain. The T stands for Terminates. Come let Terry help you terminate your pain.

500-hour Certification: May 1995



Lana Vogestad InstructorLana Vogestad, Instructor

Lana walked into her neighborhood Bikram studio in San Francisco in 2000 without knowing what she was getting herself into. She was drawn in for the physical benefits but soon realized it went way beyond the physical. The transformational power of the practice and the community it creates has been an anchor for her through the ebb and flow of life. Lana taught regularly in Iceland, Netherlands, Atlanta, before moving to the Seacoast in 2014. She is also a teacher with SATYA in the Yoga and Cancer Program, which offers free yoga classes to those affected by cancer.  She completed the Barkan Method of Hot Yoga Level I, II and III teacher training, is a 500-RYT and has been teaching since 2009. In addition to her passion for yoga, she is also a visual artist and has her MFA from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

200-hour Certification: 2009, 500-hour Certification: 2012



Jess Clark, InstructorJess Clark, Instructor
A lifelong athlete and gymnast, Jess was shocked that she had to sit down during her first Bikram Yoga class. The next day, she was so sore that she could barely walk. No workout had ever made her feel so many different feelings before. Get ready to jump on the Jess Train the next time she’s on the podium. Her boundless energy carries you through the class, leaving your mind behind in the lobby. Set up close to the podium and you might just get a foot massage.

500-hour Certification: November 2010



Erin Fleming, InstructorErin Fleming, Instructor
Erin came to the yoga thinking it would be easy and was quickly proven wrong. She is dedicated to her practice because of the stability it brings her mentally and because of the positive effects it has on her body, particularly the way it helps her Type I diabetes. Erin is a true testament to the healing power of yoga. Her smooth, soothing style on the podium keeps the students calm, even when facing challenging postures. If you’re lucky, she might turn into a little songbird at the end.

500-hour Certification: June 2013


Nel Dennett, InstructorNel Dennett, Instructor
A chronically freezing person, the lure of the heat initially drew Nel to try Bikram Yoga. Hooked from her first class, she loved the challenging nature of the class. The undeniable physical and mental results kept her coming back. It was during her second pregnancy that she really experienced the amazing benefits of this yoga and realized she had to share! A huge fan of corny jokes, she loves sprinkling a little humor into this amazing 90-minute workout.

500-hour Certification: June 2015


Nick Haley, InstructorNick Haley, Instructor
Nick is a smart-mouthed, old-soul yogi who survives on yoga and iced chai, believing in the power of “do whatever you want, all the time.”  Bikram Yoga has brought Nick new strength and a fresh love for life.  At the start of adulthood, Nick found themself overwhelmed and drowning in depression and alcoholism. The hot room offered them solace from their addiction, a safe space, and a place full of love. Nick is a strong believer in the power of Bikram Yoga and the way it can change lives. Their class is equal parts passionate and sweet. 

500-hour Certification: December 2015


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Studio is open to the public 30 minutes before and after all scheduled classes, except the early birds. Studio opens 15 minutes before 6:30 am classes.


" I have a cervical fusion and nerve damage between L4-L5. Having tried just about everything for pain relief, I gave Bikram a try. I was amazed that on the days I practiced my pain was significantly decreased. I would not have believed it could happen, but it has..."
~ Denise Age: 58


" If you think you never want to go again, go again. You will find yourself enjoying the class more and more."
~ Monica Age: 17


"I have lost weight and gained muscle. I am a happier person. I used to feel extremely anxious and lacked energy to do the activities I used to love. Not anymore!"
~ Ila Age: 36

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