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Standing Separate Leg Stretching pose

 This posture brings your heart rate back to normal rate.

  • Improves hip flexibility
  • Brings blood to the brain
  • Aids functioning of most abdominal organs, especially the small and large intestine
  • Combats clinical/psychotic depression
  • Good for diabetes and hyperacidity of the stomach
  • Reduces signs of aging (the yogic fountain of youth!)
  • Stretches sciatic nerves
  • Combats abdominal obesity
  • Stimulates hypothalmus locations of memory and emotion and source of the human growth hormone

Your yoga is different every day. Some days just getting to class is your yoga.

The Standing Separate Leg Stretching Pose cures and prevents sciatica by stretching and strengthening the sciatic nerves and tendons of the legs.

Your goal is to have your back perfectly straight and knees are locked. If you are having trouble, try relaxing and releasing the buttock more. To fully stretch the hamstrings, you must engage the quadriceps and lock the knees.

It helps the functioning of most of the internal abdominal organs, especially the small and large intestine, and improves the flexibility of hamstrings, calves, pelvis, ankles, hip joints and releases the last five vertabrae of the spine.

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" I have a cervical fusion and nerve damage between L4-L5. Having tried just about everything for pain relief, I gave Bikram a try. I was amazed that on the days I practiced my pain was significantly decreased. I would not have believed it could happen, but it has..."
~ Denise Age: 58


" If you think you never want to go again, go again. You will find yourself enjoying the class more and more."
~ Monica Age: 17


"I have lost weight and gained muscle. I am a happier person. I used to feel extremely anxious and lacked energy to do the activities I used to love. Not anymore!"
~ Ila Age: 36

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