New Student? No experience necessary!

Try 30 days for $30

The benefits of Bikram Yoga are cumulative. The more frequently you practice, the more quickly you will see changes in your body and your life. That's why we offer this amazing introductory package for locals new to Bikram Yoga. Try a full month of unlimited yoga classes for just $30 so you can test drive your body and find out just how great you are capable of feeling.

 We welcome everyone.

Bikram Yoga is a heated hatha yoga class. It is designed to be accessible for a beginner and challenging for a veteran practitioner. Our teachers will lead you through 26 postures and two breathing exercises that work your entire body from head to toes and bones to the skin.

Bikram Yoga is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

The postures are taught step-by-step so each student can find their therapeutic maximum each day. You will see students of all ages and in all phases of each posture in class. As a student, your job is to listen carefully to your teacher and your body and do the best you can each day.

No prior experienced required. 

New students are welcome in all classes. Don’t be surprised if you can’t do everything on the very first day or if you need to sit down to rest during your first class or two. Remember, every student in that room had their first class, too.

Questions about practicing with a particular condition?
Visit our blog for more information.

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Prepare for class

• We have showers and dressing rooms for your convenience.

• Wear light, athletic clothing and be prepared to work hard and sweat.

Pack a water bottle, a yoga mat, and a large towel.

Fuel your body, but don’t eat a large meal within 2-3 hours of class.

Come, do what you can, and feel better!

Bikram Yoga Portsmouth is truly a magical place. It is transforming, challenging and motivating. The studio is clean, modern and inviting; there is a warm and welcoming community of individuals that practice at the studio. I began practicing Bikram Yoga over 16 years ago and I have practiced at numerous Bikram Yoga studios across the country and there is nothing like the one in Portsmouth. The instructors are motivating, inspiring and have a personal approach that is unlike any other studio I have ever been. They positively reinforce, and share all the benefits and reasons of each posture and why we want to do them properly. It is absolutely a unique and motivating approach that sets BYP apart from many others. It keeps me coming back and craving more.

~Jeannette, 42

The energy and community at this studio is amazing. I came here on vacation and was welcomed immediately. Students are kind, helpful, and hard-working. I loved how each class was full of "normal" people of all ages, shapes, and sizes.

~Jessica, 41

I love the teacher’s voice in the hot room. They are so clear and simply tell us what to do you, moment by moment. It’s the best feeling that I don’t have to think for 90 minutes. I can just listen and be present in my body.

~Rose, 40